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  • 2016 incubees

    Social innovation

    Les Cuistots Migrateurs helps refugees to integrate into society by making them cook and sell meals that french people do not know.

    Mutum is a network where objects that we rarely use can be exchanged.

    Babel Business is a network of small businesses handled by itinerant and connected persons.

    Trust in Africa is the first platform where companies that want to extend their business in Africa can benefit from the talent and skills of thousands of young african people.

    I Wheel Share is a mobile collaborative application dedicated to people with disabilities and available for blind persons. It allows to situate difficult situations or good plans we woul like to share.

    Cajee Industry promotes eco-citizenship movings and offer a tailor-made bike repair service.

    technological innovation

    Urban Circus is a clothing brand that want to make safety jackets trendy.

    Grizz develop for persons with visual disabilities a system to guide them thanks to two small vibrators placed on the soulders.

    Qopius Technology develop Q-Engine, an artificial intelligence dedicated to temporal prediction and multimodal recognition.

    local economy

    Le Boeuf Français delivers to your place quality meats directly from the producer. The connection between the producer and the customer is done through an online platform.

    Rue des vignerons allows wine lovers to find and book online a tour in a French vineyard.

    La Ferme Citadine offers season's products largely produced in the Paris region.

    Mon Garde Manger is a marketplace where customers can order products directly from the producer.

    Lavyzoë Paris is a brand of ethical, natural and quality cosmetic products.

    digital economy

    Tidy Bear is an online platform between individuals and professionals for cleaning services after parties, in Paris region.

    DoYouBiz is the first web platform for BtoB matching.

    Tracktor is an online platform where construction companies can rent between each other their unused machines.

    Winicar allows individuals to buy or sell online used vehicles.

    Izy Pitch helps entrepreneurs to easily create, online, their business plan and to get a professional document in PDF format.

    My Cuistot offers the possibility of having a home cook that elaborate meals for the week based on the customer's expectations.

  • "LE COMPTOIR" accelerates your startup development and helps you in your raising fund process.

    a startup accelerator for your entrepreneurs (18 to 30 years old) developping innovative startups.




    This accelerator aims to promote innovation and the creation of local jobs by supporting young entrepreneurs that want to accelerate their development and by helping them to raise funds.


    why chosing Le Comptoir ?

    Le Comptoir helps young entrepreneurs in their development and contribute to the revitalisation of northern Paris territories


    By integrating "Le Comptoir" you will take part in a unique experience:

    • Benefit from a high value added support for only 840 €.
    • Get yourself every chance of raising funds.

    • Share a free and unique coworking space to exchange with other startups.

    • Become a job-creator entrepreneur.

    • Create a network and partnerships to accelerate the development of your startup.

  • Our services

    "Le Comptoir" offers a serie of high added value services to support you and boost your business during the whole acceleration program period.


    • Based on a strong expertise in social-impact company funding, Le Comptoir advises and supports you in your fund raising strategy.


    • Our partner - Moovjee - is in charge of finding the entrepreneur that will help you in every key step of your entrepreneurial development.

    Open Innovation

    • Open innovation is a major lever of growth in the new economy. This is why Le Comptoir introduces you to large companies to help you build with them tomorrow's products and services.

    Collective trainings

    • From media relations to the sucess in fund raising or growth hacking, strengthen your entrepreneurial skills.


    • Intensify your visibility through "Le Comptoir de l'Innovation's" events (Impact², Pitch Day, forums etc.)

    Coworking Space

    • We provide equipped offices, an open-space in Montreuil and meeting rooms in Paris.

    Individual Strategic Support

    •  Individualized support in every management field (finance, human resources, marketing, tax and laws, etc.).

      "Le Comptoir de l’Innovation" will also bring its expertise in order to foster startups positive social impact.



    Marc DU GARREAU & Thomas MOSSINO, Co-founders

    «  For the high value added of the support ! This accelerator, that delivers an ambitious tailor-made coaching and mentoring program, has been highly recommended to us by a former entrepreneur of Le Comptoir. »


    Idir AIT SI AMER & Julien MOUSSEAU, Co-founders

    « For the common value that we share ! We visited "Le Comptoir workespace" and met the startups accelerated there and we have immediately been seduced by this atmosphere. We recognize in the state of mind of "Le Comptoir". Besides, the support during raising funds is a major advantage. »


    Louis JACQUOT & Sébastien PRUNIER, Co-founders

    « We have had the opportunity of visiting "Le Comptoir workespace" during a breakfast event with the former entrepreneurs of the program, and the atmosphere there was great! Thanks to "Le Comptoir", we will be well implanted in the northern Paris area, which is a territory where many things can be done, with refugees for instance. Besides, the partnerships that exist with "Le Comptoir" have brought us nice opportunities, especially the one with SNCF. »


  • LE COMPTOIR is made for you

    Le Comptoir supports every year 20 entrepreneurs that invent tomorrow's economy with their first fund raising.




    You are an entrepreneur ?

    you are between 18 and 30 ?

    Your company is created and realizes its first performances?

    You want to be supported by professionals and benefit from a mentor to accelerate your development and be prepared for a fund raising?

    You want to create and/or maintain local and sustainable employment?


  •  2014-2015 incubees





    Zoom on Yes Ouis Can, a program to sustain entrepreneurship, animated by "le comptoir de l'innovation".

    In partnership with the american ambassy in France.

    Candidate here!


    Yes Oui Can is a program developped by "Le Comptoir de l'Innovation" and the American Ambassy in France, supported by the "Entreprendre" foundation.

    • The program : a summer camp of 12 days where 20 selected young people discover entrepreneurship and develop their project.

    It allows people between 18 and 25, with qualifications or not and coming from every part of France, to discover entrepreneurship and, especially, enhance their know-how.

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