• Startup Accelerator

    of the Greater Paris

  • Le Comptoir accelerates your startup development and assists you in fundraising

    An accelerator for entrepreneurs between 18 and 35 years old and their innovative startups


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    Le Comptoir strives to foster innovation and create sustainable jobs for local people, especially in the French department of Seine-Saint-Denis. It supports young entrepreneurs who wish to accelerate their startup's development by preparing them for the fundraising process.

    Why Choose Us

    Joining Le Comptoir is a unique experience:

    • Benefit from high-value-added support for only €840
    • Have the best support and opportunities in fundraising

    • Share a free and unique coworking space to exchange with other startups

    • Become a responsible entrepreneur who creates sustainable jobs

    • Enter a network and build partnerships to help your startup grow

  • What They Say About Us

    Our Entrepreneur's Words

    Marc DU GARREAU & Thomas MOSSINO, Co-founders


    « Its plus is its high-value-added support! This accelerator puts tailored coaching and mentorship at its core and was therefore highly recommended to us by a formerly incubated startup. »

    Idir AIT SI AMER & Julien MOUSSEAU, Co-founders


    « We share the same values ! When we visited the premises of the accelerator and met the startups there, we fell in love. The "Comptoir" mindset is reflecting ours. Furthermore, the coaching during fundraising campaigns is an undeniable asset. »

    Louis JACQUOT & Sébastien PRUNIER, Co-founders


    « We were given a chance to visit the premises and have breakfast with the startups that were incubated in 2015. The atmosphere was at on top ! Thanks to Le Comptoir we now have a solid anchoring in Seine-Saint-Denis and since many refugees live in this area, there are lots of projects to undertake. Furthermore, great business opportunities are popping up with some big partners of Le Comptoir, such as the SNCF. »