• Our startup

  • Les Cuistots Migrateurs

    Les Cuistots Migrateurs helps refugees integrate into society by giving them the possibility to cook often unknown exotic meals and sell them to the French people.


    Mutum is a sharing-network on which individuals can safely lend and borrow objetcs.

    Trustin Africa

    Trust in Africa is the first plateform on which companies that want to enter the African market can benefit from the skills and knowledge of thousands of young Africans.

    Cajee Industry

    Cajee Industry promotes eco-friendly transportation by offering tailor-made bike repair services. 

    I Wheel Share

    I Wheel Share is a collaborative mobile application dedicated to disabled people including the blind and partially sighted. It allows them to share many things, from the geoglocations of problematic areas to good deals.

    Roger Voice

    Available on Android and iOS, RogerVoice uses a real-time speech recognition software to allow its users to read what they can't hear. RogerVoice also gives the possibility to vocally answer using voice synthesis.  

  • Technological Innovation

  • Urban Circus

    Urban Circus takes up the challenge of turning safety clothes, among which the inimitable yellow safety jacket, into trendy clothes.


    Grizz develops a system that guides the blind and visually impaired through vibration, more precisely, a set of two vibrators that you fix on your shoulders. 


    Qopius Technology makes Q-Engine available, a unified artificial intelligence that tackles diverse problems of temporal prediction and multimodal recognition.

  • Local Economy & Farm-to-Fork Systems

  • Le Bœuf Français

    Le Boeuf Français offers a home-delivery service of quality meat. Amateurs of gourmet meats and talented producers directly connect online.

    Meat Me

    Meat Me sells dried meat following a South-African recipe: the biltong. They are using the best pieces of Aberdeen Angus beef for it.

    La Ferme Citadine

    La Ferme Citadine sells raw seasonal products coming mostly from small farms located in the Parisian region. It also sells transformed products, carefully made out of these same raw seasonal products.

    Mon Garde Manger

    Mon Garde Manger is a marketplace on which food enthusiasts can order delicatessen directly from the producers.


    LavyzOë Paris is a cosmetic brand that offers eco-friendly and 100% natural skin care products to demanding women.

    Rue des Vignerons

    Rue des vignerons allows wine connoisseurs and amateurs to find and book online a visit of a French wine estate.

  • Digital Economy

  • Our 2016 Alumni

  • Tidybear

    Tidy Bear is the first platform on which individuals and professionals can buy and sell after-party cleaning services in the Parisian region.


    DoYouBiz is the first online platform of BtoB matching. 


    Tracktor puts works companies in conctact so that they can lend their unused construction equipements to each others and be insured during the rental period.


    Winicar offers provides a 100% online customer experience for individuals who wish to buy or sell second-hand cars.


    Izy Pitch wants to help all entrepreneurs and project holders to establish a business plan online and instantly get a professional document in PDF format.

    My Cuistot

    My Cuistot offers customers the possibility of having a home cook elaborate meals for the week based on their expectations.

    Plat Maison

    Plat Maison is an online platform on which individuals can exchange home cooked meals. 

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  • Our 2014 Alumni